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Filament 3DPower Elasti TPU 90 1.75mm Grey 0.5kg

Filament 3DPower Elasti TPU 90 1.75mm Grey 0.5kg

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3DPower Elasti TPU 90 - Flexible 3D Filament with Exceptional Properties!

3DPower Elasti TPU 90 is another filament from the 3DPower portfolio designed for more advanced users. Its remarkable flexibility with a Shore hardness of 90A and the ability to stretch up to 500% make this filament an excellent choice for projects with high demands on flexibility. Additionally, its temperature resistance (up to 76°C) and high chemical resistance make it ideal for many demanding applications.
Moreover, the printing process is surprisingly easy for such a flexible filament. To achieve the best printing results, it is recommended to reduce print speed and retractions.

Why 3DPower Elasti TPU 90?

• Stretchability up to 500%
• High chemical resistance (including industrial oils, greases, etc.)
• Temperature resistance up to 76°C
• Low filament shrinkage allows for printing large projects without warping
• Shore hardness of 90A

Filament technical data:

• Diameter: 1.75mm
• Dimensional tolerance: ± 0.03mm
• Density: 1,21g/cm³
• Net weight: 0.5kg
• Gross weight: 0.75kg

Spool dimensions:

• Outer diameter: 200mm
• Mounting hole diameter: 52mm
• Width: 55mm

Recommended printing parameters:

• extrusion temperature: 215-240°C
• bed temperature: 30-60°C
• cooling: 30-100%
• printing speed: 15-60 mm/s

Recommended drying setting:

• temperature: 50-70°C
• duration: 4-8 hours

Technical Data
Filament Diameter
Diameter Tolerance
± 0.03mm
Net Weight
Nozzle Temperature
Bed Temperature
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