PolyLite™ PC (formerly PC-Plus™)


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Filament category Nozzle Temp Nozzle: 250 – 270 °C

Filament category Bed Temp Printbed: 90 – 105 °C

Filament category Speed Speed: 30 – 50 mm/s

Filament category Speed copy 2 Fan: Off

PolyLite™ is a family of 3D printing filaments made with the best raw materials to deliver exceptional quality and reliability. PolyLite™ covers the most popular 3D printing materials to meet your everyday needs in design and prototyping.

PolyLite™ PC is produced using a polycarbonate resin specifically engineered for 3D printing. It delivers good stiffness and heat resistance with light diffusing properties.

Nozzle temperature 250 – 270 ( ̊C)
Build Surface material BuildTak®, Glass, PEI
Build surface treatment Magigoo PC
Build plate temperature 90 – 105 ( ̊C)
Cooling fan Turned off
Printing speed 30 – 50 (mm/s)
Raft separation distance 0.2 (mm)
Retraction distance 1 (mm)
Retraction speed 20 (mm/s)
Recommended environmental temperature 70 – 80 (recommended) ( ̊C)
Threshold overhang angle 50 ( ̊)
Recommended support material PolySupportTM

Based on 0.4 mm nozzle and Simplify 3D v.3.1. Printing conditions may vary with different nozzle diameters

When printing with PolyLiteTM PC it is recommended to use an enclosure. For large part it is recommended to use a heated chamber.

It is recommended to anneal the printed part right after the printing process to release the residual internal stress. Annealing settings: 100 ̊C for 2h

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