PET-G (non-translucent)



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Filament category Nozzle Temp Nozzle: 230 – 250 °C

Filament category Bed Temp Printbed: 90 °C

Filament category Speed Speed: 30 – 80 mm/s

Filament category Speed copy 2 Fan: On

With PET-G properties you can make more functional prototypes and end-use parts. This is possible thanks to its rigidity, which is better than that of ABS. Thanks to glycol compound, the material is more durable and less susceptible to shrinkage. Chemical resistance to acids, salts, and alkaline substances also widen the spectrum of its applications.

The translucent and non-translucent colour options available allow to create amazing prints for different purposes. This material may be used for electronics, prototyping, and decorations.


  • high durability
  • low shrinkage
  • resistance to acids, salts, alkalic substances

How to print?

  • printing temperature: 230-250°C
  • bed temperature: 90°C

Properties of PET-G filament


  • END-USE PARTS: containers, holders
  • PROTOTYPES: bottles, packaging
  • ELECTRONICS: covers, cases, products containing diodes
  • DECORATIONS: lamps, glass-resembling elements
  • JEWELLERY: rings, necklaces, bracelets
Additional information
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1.75 mm


850 g

Fiberlogy Colors

Black, Blue, Graphite, Gray, Onyx, Orange, Red, Silver, Vertigo, White, Yellow

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