3DSolex Matchless Everlast 1.75mm Nozzle


  • Compatible with E3D V6, Prusa, Raise3D N2 and many more

    Core Heating Technology

    This nozzle will fit a large number of printers and hot-ends.
    Drop-in compatibility to replace many other nozzles.


    • Uses Core Heating technology to increase the melt zone
    • Ruby tip to be abrasive resistant
    • 1 unit per pack
    • Available in sizes 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 mm


    • Higher melt flow, up to 3 fold
    • Use lower temperatures in your print profiles, or
    • Work with thicker layers or/at higher speeds
    • Machined with precision
    • Hard tip to work with abrasive materials
This nozzle is compatible with the following printers and hot-ends:

Raise3D N2
Various E3D V6 hot-ends
and many other printers

This nozzle has a M6x1 threading and 12.5mm in length.

Core Heating Technology Explained

Existing hot-ends and nozzles melt the filament from the outside in. The coldest part of the filament, at the core, is the one being pushed and reaching the tip of the nozzle faster.
With Core Heating Technology we melt the interior of the filament first. Compared with standard nozzles, this brings the following advantages:

  • less temperature is required to successfully process the material
  • print with much bigger nozzles, up to 2.0 mm
  • print with higher layers and/or faster speeds
CHT 2 channels CHT 3 channels
The 0.25mm nozzles in this product line are not enabled with Core Heating technology.

Different nozzle sets for different materials

We recommend you to have several sets of nozzles because:
Using different materials with the same nozzles causes deposit build-up inside the nozzle.
These deposits will cause blockages.
We recommend changing nozzles when changing materials.

Additional information
Nozzle size

0.4, 0.6, 0.8



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