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Creality3D CR-10S PRO Extruder Kit


Creality3D CR-10S PRO Extruder Kit

Updated Version

Now this upgrade is supplied with the newest version of the Bondtech Mini Geared (BMG) extruder, featuring brass motor gear, black POM main gear, and threaded push-fit.

The BMG Bowden Upgrade Kit for the CR-10S Pro uses Bondtech Dual Drive Gears to give extra push force and resolution plus a tighter fit between gears and housing to avoid filament jamming.

This kit is adapted for the Creality CR-10S PRO 3D-printer.


Available on backorder

Bondtech DDX For Creality CR-10(S)Pro/Max


Bondtech DDX For Creality CR-10(S)Pro/MaxThe Bondtech DDX Direct Drive eXtruder for Creality 3D printers is an upgrade kit that replaces the original bowden with a direct drive setup. It is a high-performance Dual Drive extruder based on the BMG Bondtech Mini Geared.Compatible with the following models:

  • CR-10S Pro;
  • CR-10S Pro v2;
  • CR-10 Max*1;

Multiple Hotends Compatibility

This model was created to be compatible with the original hotend of each Creality model. Users may also upgrade the hotend to Copperhead™ or Mosquito™.

Available on backorder

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