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Dāvanu karte

Fizisku dāvanu karšu piegāde 3 dienās no apmaksas brīža, digitāli pieejamas 1 dienas laikā. Ziemassvētku dāvanas lūdzu pasūtiet līdz 17.decembrim.

Dāvanu karti jāizmanto vienā iepirkšanās reizē. Dāvanu kartes derīguma termiņš: 6 mēneši no iegādes brīža. Derīguma termiņš tiek norādīts uz dāvanu kartes. Dāvanu kartes atpakaļ atgriezt nevar.

Physical gift card delivery in 3 days, digital gift card in 1 day. For Christmas presents, please order until 17th of December.

Gift card must be used in a single shopping session. The gift card is active for 6 months from the time of purchase, date until which it must be used is printed on the gift card. Gift cards are not refundable.


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Mosquito Boron Nitride Paste

Mosquito Boron Nitride Paste
  • Thermal paste for improving conduction
  • Acts as a release agent
  • Use the included applicator to coat the cartridge heater hole in your 3d printer heat block. Insert the cartridge heater while the paste is still wet, then let dry. The boron nitride boosts dissipation of heat from the hot section of the cartridge heater, improving its life.
  • Retails in 5 cc syringes with luer lock fittings.


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Plastic Repellent Paint™


Plastic Repellent Paint™

Prevents plastic adhesion to your nozzles and hotblock
  • Water-based PTFE nanosuspension
  • Repels plastic from the outside of your nozzle and hot block
  • Applies quickly and uniformly with the vial’s brush top
  • Bonds with clean metal surfaces upon first heating to form a dry, transparent coating
  • Endures printing temperatures up to 290°C
  • Each vial contains 3cc of Plastic Repellent Paint™

Available on backorder


Available on backorder

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